As a leader in the Experiential Liberal Arts, Northeastern’s College of Social Sciences and Humanities combines experiential learning with the rigorous study of culture, society, policy, and ethics. To explore the past and shape policies for a better tomorrow, we practice humanics: the integration of traditional liberal arts capacities with quantitative tools and new digital proficiencies. In fields ranging from English and economics to philosophy, criminology and public policy, we focus on the key issues of today: how to shape public spheres, how to build resilient and sustainable communities, and how to engage with cultures past and present.

College of Social Sciences and Humanities Challenges

CSSH Co-op Challenge

If 100 donors make gift to CSSH's funds, parent Josh Hamburg will release $18,000 toward funding CSSH student co-ops.

CSSH Dean's Strategy Council Challenge

If 150 donors make gifts to CSSH's funds, the Dean's Strategy Council will release $10,000 to the CSSH Dean's Fund.

History Department Challenge

If 10 donors give to the Department of History, an anonymous CSSH parent will release $1,000 to the History Fund.

College Challenges

Challenge of the Colleges

The three schools or colleges with the largest percent increase in donors on Giving Day will receive these challenge dollars for their Dean's Funds.

1st place = $20,000, 2nd place = $12,000, 3rd place = $8,000

Dollar Up Challenge 

$40,000 in challenge funds will be split between each school that raises $10,000 or more by 1pm ET on Giving Day.